It’s Friday again, and I’m realising that deadlines are not my strong point at the moment.

I don’t have a vast amount to write about blog-wise I’m afraid. I have barely reached the end of the working week with my sanity intact and have drawn a massive blank, so much so that my mind has been duly whitewashed.

I will say, in my defence, that I have been actively making a list of writing competitions due in February – in the vain hope that my non-existent skills at reaching a deadline improve in the next couple of weeks, at least enough to warrant being dragged into actual existence (as opposed to virtual existence – which is where our bank account resides).

I have also been putting pen to paper, well, fingers to mobile device – which is almost the same thing, without the pleasing aesthetic of scrawling and doodling around on a notepad.

From a creative writing perspective, I did get one of my Drabbles accepted and published by The Drabble this week – which was exceptionally exciting.

I have written a few over the last couple of weeks, which I have predominantly posted to Drablr.

I believe that I have extolled the virtues of this site on one of my earlier posts: Drabbles and Babbles, but since then I have found the community of quality writers on Drablr to be warm, talented and supportive in equal measure.

So, after sharing that with you all – I will post another of my 100 word Drabbles – this one has thus far received the most votes and comments.

It is – as my blog title suggests – called Games.




His face was constantly buried in his phone; eyes transfixed, fingers frantically pressing.

For the first few weeks she’d feigned interest – that’s what people do.

As time passed, she began to resent how little notice he took of her. She could walk into the room naked, asking an opinion about her new dress, and he’d just reply dismissively, ‘nice…’

On a rainy Wednesday, she finally gave up.

Enraged, exasperated and exhausted: sentence over; punctuated with a door slam.

He put down the phone and looked at where she had been.

It had been difficult, but he’d won the game.


7 thoughts on “Games

  1. I have nominated you for the 3 quotes over 3 days challenge. This challenge might rekindle your brain. Should you chose to accept write a post including a quote over 3 days. And nominate three other bloggers. Good luck.


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